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Feed and supplementary

In cooperation with the leading animal feed manufacturers in the Baltics and Europe, we offer a wide range of livestock farming.

For cattle such as calves and young stock, as well as dairy cows and dry cows, you'll find:

  • Various types of the compound and complete feed;
  • Mineral-vitamin supplements;
  • Mineral feed and salt blocks; 
  • Milk replacers.

Our offer also includes complete feed for all types of poultry: 

  • Broilers;
  • Layers;
  • Quails;
  • Turkeys;
  • Ducks and geese.

A complete feed, as well as protein-vitamin-mineral and mineral-vitamin supplements, are available for all pig groups: 

  • Gestating sows;
  • Lactating sows;
  • Suckling piglets pre-starter (weight up to 10 kg);
  • Piglets weight from 10 t0 20 kg;
  • Piglets weight from 20 to 30 kg;
  • Pigs in the first fattening period;
  • Pigs in the second fattening period;
  • Breeding gilts;
  • Boars.

The offer also includes a complete feed and compound for:

  • Rabbits;
  • Chinchillas;
  • Sheep and goats;
  • Fish;
  • Horses;
  • Cats and dogs.

Protein-vitamin-mineral supplements

Protein-vitamin-mineral supplements and premixes are made to enrich the grain mix used in agriculture and livestock farming with protein, vitamins and minerals. 

There are supplements and premixes available for various animal and bird types.

Raw materials for feed production

If the farmers want to produce the feed themselves, they can choose various raw materials from our offer: rapeseed meal and cake, molasses, salt, etc. The raw materials are available in various packaging sizes. 


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